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Tips to Prepare Your Apartment For a New Coat of Paint

Putting a new coat of paint on the walls can be a great way to change the tone and lighting in your apartment. You might want to wait before popping the lids off of the cans, however, since you have to get your home ready for the process. You can employ the following tips, which have been used in many apartment rentals in Cambridge, MA to help you get your rental prepped for painting!

  1. You might have to check with your property manager, first, and make sure that you can paint your rental. Some management companies frown on having the paint on their properties altered, and they may fine their residents for doing so. Your manager may deduct the cost of repainting the apartment from your refundable deposit, or he/she might insist that you repaint the walls when you move out.
  2. You should clean your partitions before putting any paint on them. If they have dirt or grease stuck to them, the paint might not dry properly. You can clean your walls by wiping them down gently with a cloth dampened in a mild cleansing solution.
  3. You may want to put down a covering on your floors, so no paint will get on them during the repainting. You could purchase a large tarp at your local hardware store. You might also want to get some smaller ones to go over any furniture in the rooms that you will paint.